vrijdag 14 mei 2010

The First Lady Of Football

Sylvie van der Vaart! Wow what can't this woman do? She's gorgeous has a sense of style that's just to die for and she has just won the mom of the year award in Holland. She also won an award for best tv-show for Deutschland Zeucht Ein Superstar. Odds are that she is going to the finals in the dancing show Let's Dance in Germany and she is married to Real Madrid football player Rafael van der Vaart. And in the meanwhile this fashionista kicked breastcancers ass! A lot of respect i tell ya! Sylvie has grown to be the ultimate 'Voetbalvrouw' as we call it. She has the best stylist ever. Dani Bless I wil absolutely tell you more about her and her amazing work. Her style is true perfection. Last summer I was a serious wannabe of her St. Tropez style.

Here are some pictures to honor this great WAG !

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