maandag 31 mei 2010


Saturday I went to PinkPop it's a festival in Landgraaf, Holland. I was so happy that I went, a girl from my class goes every year and she asked if I wanted to come with because my friends aren't really festival people haha. But neither am I but if I want something I'll go trough a lot for it. So we arrived around 12 0'clock in the afternoon and the sun was shining it was really hot so I bought a cute top with Kate Moss on it at the market there which was also great! There were a lot of great bands I forget their names but a dutch band called Destine was great, and a soulfull singer called Ryan Shaw was like the young Stevie Wonder my mom saw it on tv and she also fell in love with his soul voice!

After going to the bathroom getting some drinks and something to eat we went to to the place where we we're standing all day just so that i wouldn't miss John so thankfull that everybody waited with me. But then at 18:00 The Editors came on at the other stage there so my friend suggested I would just stay there and when the editors were done they would come back to me because I was standing there all day it was a waste to leave. THANKFULLY because by that time nobody left and everybody waited for John but I had frontrow seats so after pushing people away who thought they just could come and push me away there he was finally after almost 19 years me and John saw eachother it was so romantic haha i got goosebumps and tears in my eyes I was in shock with myself! anyway it was amazing and I was so glad I went and then it started to rain but i didn't care he performed for an hour but it went so fast it felt like 10 minutes.

When John was done I walked to the other stage to see my friends because GREENDAY was performing. I'm not really a fan but damn THAT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER! Seriously it was funny and they did covers from Marvin Gay and YMCA haha they performed a half hour longer as planned 50,000 people went crazy including me it was sick!

I just wanted to share my great day with you!

kisses and hugs Alice.

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