maandag 26 juli 2010

The End..

As you know I am a big Lauren Conrad fan. It all began seven years ago when Laguna Beach started on MTV and I was hooked! So I was superexcited when Lauren got her own spinoff called The Hills. In the beginning it was all so great but in the last seasons it was a bit fake and it wasn't really about Lauren anymore and then... she left. I cried but the ending was perfect and well it only lasted two seasons with Kristin Cavallari. I hated her at first. Seriously she didn't change since laguna she was still the same. But now I like her I guess she's grown on me.

Well a lot of drama happend Stephanie got a DUY, Heidi became a real life ugly barbie, Spencer finally went crazy on everyone and now they are getting a Divorce (haha didn't see that one coming ahum) Brody is dating Avril Lavigne (wtf?) and that tattoo isn't a stickon, Lo wants to make babies and is moving in with the bf (cute), Audrina wants to spend more time focussing on herself( hahaha i hate her so much after this being al dramatic that she never was happy blablaa fuck off Audrina) and Kristin wants to travel and discover the world I guess..

I knew this day would come but now like this. Here are some pictures of the last episode at the aftershow. I already said goodbye to Lauren last year, but now I'm saying goodbye to a show that made me laugh, cry and made me feel happy! Thank You it was really a big thing of me growing up!

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