vrijdag 16 juli 2010

Style Icons of the World Cup!

As I told you Danie Bles is one of my favorite stylist and she's dutch so that helps! Her clients are mostly dutch wags. Sylvie, Yolanthe, Charlotte-Sophie and Estelle are the most famous. But Sylvie is ofcourse the most famous one. Her style is indescribible! I love everything she wears and I get so inspired by her plus her face is gorgeous!

Then you have Yolanthe who's my imaginery bff haha. I love her because she is beautiful and I want her life seriously! Sunday she is marrying Wesley Sneijder for a three day wedding in Tuscany and she was voted in the UK of most sexy wag of the worldcup!
Then you have Charlotte-Sophie who got married just a few hours ago in Ibiz with John Heitinga who also played for Holland in the worldcup. She is actually from Maastricht where I live and I've seen them around. I think pictures of them will be available tomorrow so more about them then.

And then Estelle Gullit who is married to Ruud Gullit who also played voor Holland in his glory days. Estelle always looks great and taken care of!
Here are a few pictures of the ladies of the dutch team!

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