dinsdag 30 november 2010

and I can't believe it! I mean december as in last month of the year as in one month away from a new one.. Time flies when you're having fun and enjoying your youth that's for sure! There are days that never seem to end like when you're at school from 9 to 4 or when you have to work all day or when it's raining outside and there is nothing you can do.. Those moments when everything feels out of place and nothing seems right anymore. You feel alone and depressed and you don't know is it the time? the season? is it you? But those moments fade away when you have those days that last forever like the ones you spend with your friends hanging in the city or that family-vacation or those nights out that last forever..

What's  another year right? I turned 19 this summer so that means that in about seven months I'm twenty! These months are going to be the last of my teenage years.. Everything changes just like the seasons I mean it started snowing yesterday! I guess I'm going to have to deal with the fact that how older we get the time will go faster, what seems yesterday becomes a memorie.. So the next 31 days I'm going to enjoy 2010 and all what it gave to me and accept what faded away..

You can't get any younger than right now and I can't wait for christmas and newyears with my family and friends.. My loved ones! I wish that I could have those moments for life! Sooo this sounds very depressing but it came from a very hopefull loving place haha..

have a nice last november 2010 night.. xoxo

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