donderdag 9 december 2010

Bonjour Paris!

Time where did you go? Really where did you go? I can't believe that this week is almost over and next week is the last school week of the year 2010! And then we'll go back to hell in 2011 haha.. But I'm going to start my Christmas vacation in a very special way! I am going to PARIS! Yesss this is why I love living in Europe. I can go to Paris, Rome, Milan, London It's all available to me in less then two hours! The beautiful historic places that Europe has to offer to the world are not too far away from The Netherlands.

The first and last time I went to Paris was with school when I was sixteen. Yes my first trip without my mom (that was a huge phonebill) but with my friends. Paris is full of memories we still talk about it today how everybody got mad at us because we got lost at the Louvre because we had to go to STARBUCKS! Hahah seriously it was like a movie how we we're running with our starbucks bags and taking pictures while we were stressing out! And ofcourse this happend at many other places in Paris and they told us we couldn't go anywhere alone anymore because we got lost everywhere.. But ohhh those 5 days in Paris where great! We wanted to be Parissienes so we took one big suitcase and a LV travellingbag (from Turkey hahah) and my teacher broke my LV bag I think it was because they couldn't believe that we needed two bags to survive 5 days in Paris! We we're going to dinner and while we we're walking I saw this little store with shoes and theye we're 10 euros so I had to get them so we eat superfast and begged to go and for some reason they let us go.. And ofcourse it was dark, we where in Paris and lost! But us girls we always find our way back.

This time we are going one day just to get out of Maastricht. Me and Michelle, Gita and Nicole (who ruined the Milano 2010 trip for me) are leaving at 4 in the morning to experience a little bit of Paris. We are going to eat macarons while wearing barets (oke while I am wearing a baret) drinking cafĂ© au lait while smoking those thin cigarettes.. Yes my loves we are going to be those annoying tourists and I am proud of it!

So I'm going to get myself in Paris mode by watching the last episodes of SATC and The Hills episodes when Lauren finally got too go to Paris.

Au revoir mon amours! x

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  1. SUPER LEUK!! vind je het niet super dat ik je blog check?


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