zaterdag 25 december 2010


cancerian horoscope for Dec 24
For many children, this is a very special night. It is a night filled with happiness, magic, and mystery. They've made lists and they've made wishes. Tomorrow, they believe their dreams will come true. You are in just such a place now, too, Moonchild. You should try to be more like a child, holding on to a great sense of wonderful of anticipation, and the feeling that something you want very much will appear in your life through some enchanted means. Don't entertain fear or cynicism. Allow yourself to believe. Something miraculous IS about to happen in your life.

cancerian horoscope for Dec 25 2010
Today is a day to indulge, to enjoy, to hope, to dream, and to believe. Whatever worries you've spent time on lately, let them go. Pondering all the possibilities for failure isn't a very productive opportunity anyway. Especially when you could put that same energy to much better use by visualizing the wonders that are to come to you very soon. You have great power, Moonchild. And right now, that power is greatly enhanced. The universe is shining its radiance on you and showering you with inspiration and the key to good fortune. Can you feel it?


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