woensdag 29 december 2010

an amazing x-mas!

How was your X-mas? Hope you had a great holidayweekend! Read about mine here!

I loved christmas!

Not for the presents but for my wonderful family. Normally I hate that I love them so if you know what I mean haha.. But this christmas was amazing we we're just like the Kardashians and I know I say that a lot but this was really Kim's birthday in Vegas last year but then in a x-mas special! We got this private room with pink lights and silver fake christmas trees and got a private butler! Just as it should be hahah! 

I laughed my ass off seriously! We got drunk and laughed so much and went crazy! This is really what we needed. Because every 5 minutes I said omg we're so the Kardashians my little cousin came up with The Camardesians.. So we hope you had a great X-Mas just like us!

xoxo The Camardesians

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