zaterdag 1 januari 2011


 so raise your glass for 2010! To all that it has given you and all that it has taken. For all the mistakes you've made and all the lessons you have learned. For all the dreams you made come true and for all the that you have conquerd! For all the people you've lost and for those who are still sticking by you trough the good and the bad.. For all those amazing nights with amazing people!

For the family that has never left and has always provided you a loving home and unconditional love.

Raise your glass for you! Be proud of who you are and let go of everything the guilt, the fear that bagagge that you've been carrying around all this time.. It's not going with you in the new year. New year! New dreams! New beginning! So keep raising that glass for 2011! For all this it's going to give us! We can plan and think there is a tomorrow but as most of us know tomorrow is a gift! So live, dance, laugh, have fun, work hard, dream a little and most of all love! Love like there is no tomorrow!

So here is to a decade of tears, pain, love, friends, family..

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