zondag 9 januari 2011

my favorites!

This is an item about my favorite rings and bracelets. These are the pieces that I wear the most and have special meaning to me. I have so many earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces my room is a store!

 I was cleaning my jewellery/make-up table wednesday and I thought it would be fun taking pictures of some items and telling the story behind the jewellery!

1. Plastic 'Chanel' bracelet which I adore because it's simple but it makes an outfit 10 times more special.

2. 'D&G' watch which I stole from my cousin haha! He gave it to me after he found out 4 months later that the watch was missing. So it was in better hands with me anyway!

3.'Marc Jacobs' leather bracelet I bought in the city of blinding lights.

4. Gold snake bracelet! I was in love with this bracelet from the beginning because it reminded me of 'Roberto Cavalli'. The best part it was 5 euro at 'Primark'!

5. 'Herm├ęs' bracelet I bought for my mom's birthday! I love this bracelt so sophisticated. I wanted this bracelet for so long so I was happy I could give it to her and borrow it once in a while :)

6. 'Hope Dream Freedom' bracelets. I loved them from the beginning because they reminded of 'Chanel'!

6. Gold ring my uncle bought for my nonno in Indonesia. He gave it to me a while ago and I wear it a lot my mom thinks I'm crazy since I'm 19 and a girl but my grandfather and I love it.

7. 'Alice' necklace I got from my little niece! She bought it in Portugal. I was like you crazy child how did you know I wanted this?

8. My diamond lucky grain necklace I bought in Rome.

9. Cross bracelet I bought in Rome. I love crosses a lot so I have many rosarys and this rosary bracelet.

10. Coin necklace from 'Mi Moneda'! I loved this necklace so much 1.5 year ago. It was supposed to be my statement piece and you couldn't get it anywhere except online. Now everyone has one and my whole Sylvie/Yolanthe vibe is gone. Still a beautiful necklace. I loved the Carpe Diem coin my cousins girlfriend gave me!

11. Silver snake bracelet I bought in Rome. I love those statement pieces that look really expensive but it cost 18 euros!

12. Golden 'Rolex' I also stole from my cousin hahah. Love him so much!

13. 'Jimmy Choo and H&M' necklace! Such a beautiful necklace! I also have the bracelet and earrings. I don't wear them that much because they are heavy and fancy looking. 

14. Scull rings. I'm obsessed with sculls. I have scarfs, earrings, necklaces, rings, shirts a lot of things.. These are from 'Soho Hearts' and I got them for my 19th birthday from my mom. Beautiful eyecatcher!

15. Grey scull necklace from 'marcbymarcjacobs'. I got this from Michelle for my 19th birtday! Who doesn't love getting MJ for their birthday!

16. Italian gold bracelet my aunt bought my grandfather. Yeah that man is like our king and we just bring him all the gold and he is passing it on to his princess (me).

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