donderdag 6 januari 2011

TOP 10 OF 2010!

1. My mom, my soul, my life, my everything! Thankyou for giving me the world and more.. I'm going to pay you back someday. You and me against the world forever. I love you madly woman! 



2. My tattoo. The best decision I made in 2010. I still miss you..


3. Going to Rome for the third time with my mom and grandma. Memories for life with my 2 favorite woman!

4. Christmas with the fam. I love them so much and I am thankful for them.

5. Paris with my ladies! Loved it all.. Paris is just amazing I don't even had words for it..


6. NYE! It was great! 2011 bring it on!

7. My friends! The ones that have always been there and still are! The ones that know me better than I know myself and help me when they don't even know it. I love you guys so much.. You save me from all the ugly things in this world. Even the ones that are not in my life anymore, thank you for letting me appreciate my real friends more! Thankyou for all the amazing moments you have given me! 

8. Finally taking italian lessons! Something I've always wanted to do. I feel like I'm working on my future because of this since my lifegoal is to live and work in Italy! And I'm making my nonno proud :)!

9. Pinkpop! Seeing John Mayer was definetely a highlight!

 10. Being alive! Making it another year! Enjoying life and all that it has to offer..

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