maandag 13 juni 2011

yes I saw Kings Of Lion perform 'Use Somebody' and yes it was one of the best moments of my life!

I bought tickets for PinkPop 2011 with my friend Gita a couple of months ago and time went by fast!

We saw cool bands, ate a lot of food and slept on the grass. Things you must do when you're at a festival! I also felt  I needed to wear my Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots but I think that has something to do with Kate Moss and Daisy Low.. 

The only reason I wanted to go to Pinkpop on Sunday was of Kings Of Leon. I felt like I had to hear 'Use Somebody' live. Like a thing I needed to do before I die. Those 3:54 minutes we're one of the best minutes of my life with a smile, goosebumps and an amazing feeling!
You feel so powerful singing along with 60.000 people, you feel like the world is yours. You are young wild and free.. To rock it out on 'Sex On Fire' was amazing! It's one of my moms favorite songs so I had to call her haha.. 

Pinkpop 2011 we had a great time!

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